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Special Night Out

Special Night Out

If you’re contemplating a special night out we have some great recommendations. Our love of Spanish cooking is inspired by the amazing meals, ambiance and traditions involved with Spanish foods. If you’re fortunate enough to be in Spain, there are a few restaurants that offer the ultimate experience in dining and entertainment. You can also find similar accommodations in the better restaurants at home, offering authentic Spanish cuisine and atmosphere within driving distance. Here are the possibilities that you should look for when crafting your special night out.

Traditional evening meal

The mealtime in Spain begins around 8:30pm at the earliest and runs late. Typically, you’ll have your choice of a variety of offerings including tapas, for those who prefer a variety of small portions or the full menu offerings.

Pre-meal offerings

An assortment of tasty appetizers including queso tasting plates, dainty seafood delights on crustini or an assortment of cheese, seafood and vegetable delicacies. These are served in just the right portions to whet your appetite.

Appetizer salad choices start your journey. Choose from warm goat cheese salad with a sweet wine sauce or Coca with a roasted pepper salad, Idiazabal cheese, with anchovies and pickled vinaigrette. These are just a few examples and you’ll find many other choices.

Main dishes including salmon, Pork, lamb, Chicken, Beef or other entrees with a choice of luscious desserts including sorbets, flans and specialty cakes. Enjoy a glass of fine Spanish wine or champagne with your dinner or top it off with a specialty coffee.

Consider trying something new

You may already have a favorite dish, but you may be pleasantly surprised by trying something new. There are so many options when it comes to fine authentic Spanish cuisine. The foods are not easily comparable to any other because of the preparatory techniques and combinations of ingredients. These are the factors that set it apart.

Full immersion experience

The final touches for topping off your special night off include entertainment. In addition to atmosphere, nothing beats a professional and talented flamenco group. Even better, you could choose to visit a restaurant that features dancing after dinner. Dance off the amazing food while sipping a few well mixed drinks before you find your way home and later reminisce about the evening of a lifetime.