Casa de Rubia

Happy Birthday, Daniela!

Daniela’s birthday is just around the corner and I am at a loss about what her gift will be this year. In the past, in keeping with her cooking interest, I have purchased new cookware, Spanish recipe books, and assorted kitchen utensils. Now she has more than she needs to prepare any festive meal. She entertains a lot, so I have bought decorate dinner plates, special colored hand-blown wine glasses, and napkin and tablecloth sets. I can easily say that she has everything. There comes a time in a husband’s life when he turns to jewelry. While you can’t buy something expensive ever year, you can do it now and then. Maybe a new charm for her special gold bracelet, or a pair of dangling earrings she can wear while entertaining guests. A beautiful blouse made in Spain was a choice one year that went over particularly well.

I certainly will make the birthday dinner as I always do. Daniela expects it. Only this time, I will vary the menu and find some new, untried dishes. I have been contacting friends and relatives for ideas and now have a four-course meal in the planning stages. There remains the matter of the gift. I don’t want to wait until the last minute and find myself in a bind. I know she loves to exercise so I am considering a membership to a local gym that also functions as a nice women’s spa. She can have massages and facials and swim in the refreshing lap pool. There is a whirlpool and a sauna to add to her pleasures. I see her spending an entire Saturday at this marvelous location.

I thought long and hard and then decided that instead of a membership, I could give her a day at the spa. She already belongs to a gym and seems quite content with it for the most part. I don’t think she wants to change her routine. So, I quickly nixed that idea. Now what to do! I had recently seen a woman on a hybrid bike and she seemed quite at home on it due to the particularized design for females. The proportions are different for a man in terms of the seat and handlebars, so I wouldn’t consider anything else. I can see Daniela riding about town doing her errands and visiting friends. The idea of the finding a hybrid bike for women as a gift for Daniela was looking better and better. In that she rides the stationary bike at the gym, I imaged that riding outside in the city would be much more enjoyable and fun. She could stay fit and work off all that great Spanish food she eats. This wouldn’t be a bad idea for me either! Maybe another time. Meanwhile I was researching and came across On Road and Mountain Magazine which helped me with making the purchase and selecting the final features and color.

Let’s fast forward and get to the actual birthday. After the meal, I rolled the bike in the house—all brand, spanking new—and I was pleased at Daniela’s reaction. It was of surprise, but also of pleasure. I had hit the nail on the head.