Casa de Rubia

Finally, a Solution

I came home one evening from visiting a friend and the house virtually reeked of cigar smoke. My husband enjoys this personal pleasure, but I always insisted that he do it outside. He usually sits on the patio either in the late afternoon or after dark. But this time was different. It had been raining and the patio chairs were soaking wet. I don’t find that a sufficient excuse but I guess the need to smoke a cigar was that strong. He violated my wishes knowing full well the consequences. I hate to get mad, especially if he is having a good time, so I had to find a solution.

Many households have a smoking problem, usually cigarettes. The smoke gets stale and hangs in the air and permeates fabrics. If I enter such a home, I know the cause. It is unpleasant and I just hate the smell. Some housewives go so far as to spray the heck out of their home with nauseatingly sweet scents. It barely covers the culprit that is repelling people. The household gets used to it, but when you open the front door, you know immediately what is up.

The second time Hugo smoked a cigar in the house was the last straw. I thought about it and went online in search of an answer and it came in the form of an air purifier for cigarette smoke. I didn’t need a giant appliance but something that would thoroughly clean the air in the living room first and foremost. In the product descriptions on most sites that sell them they give you the footage that can be covered. If you want an entire house purifier, it has to be rather large and is much more expensive.

A few months later, Hugo got out his box of cigars and lit one up to relax. He had had a particularly bad day at work. I felt sorry for him and acquiesced. But no problem. I rushed to turn on the air purifier. I usually use it only when I cook and there are a lot of lingering smells in the kitchen that flow through the house. I placed it in the middle of the living room and it did its job. By bedtime, there was no detectable odor and I was pleased and happy. I have a sensitive nose while Hugo does not. Now everybody wins.

I told a friend about it and she, too, rushed to get her own air purifier. She was coping poorly with her oldest son who likes to smoke in his room. It just stank up the place she said. He didn’t mind having the appliance on while he indulged and it solved the problem. She didn’t want to get into a real hassle with him and an air purifier was the perfect answer. She said, “I give you credit for saving the family from second hand smoke.” I am glad that I was of help. For a few dollars, you can live with a smoker or just attend to any other annoying smells.


A Special Night

A wedding anniversary is a special event—year after year. There are some that are extra special because they are milestones like the 15th, 30th, 50th, and so on. You celebrate love and togetherness, usually with a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant. I have years of memories that lead up to this year’s anniversary: our fifteenth. Hugo has been an exemplary companion in my life and he deserved a special gift. I presented it to him after our meal at our preferred spot, a Spanish restaurant. Little did I know what was in store for me.

The evening was glorious. It was a balmy night and you could see a few stars. We were in a dreamy mood as a result and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to eat outside on the patio. We savored course after course of dishes like assorted tapas and paella. We love this restaurant and practically know the menu by heart. We took our time and it was time for tres leches cake for dessert. We ordered coffee and sat quietly as we surreptitiously slipped our gifts onto the table. I told Hugo to go first. He carefully opened his small wrapped package and let go an “oh” of delight upon seeing a men’s Swiss watch for under $500. I had found a beautiful gold-toned model since all he had at the moment was a casual black sport watch. I wanted something dressy and elegant without spending too much. Apparently, I made the right choice. He put it on immediately and lifted his wrist in the air to admire it. He was beaming a broad smile.

Then it was my turn. My package was a bit larger. It was wrapped in silver paper with a pink bow. Pink is my favorite color. I opened it without tearing any of the paper and the package revealed the most amazing cream silk blouse. I couldn’t put it on in public, of course, but I wanted to parade around the restaurant and show off my husband’s superior taste. I would have to wait until I got home. It was a very special and thoughtful gift and I got up and went over to my husband and gave him a huge kiss and hug.

It was a wonderful anniversary, as they always are; but somehow this one will stand out in the greater scheme of things in my life. I think it was because of our love and affection for one another that I know will endure over the years. Sure, we will have other anniversaries and maybe even a party or two instead of an intimate dinner; but each and every time will be precious to me. Now I wear my anniversary blouse on special occasions like holidays and the theater or opera. I am always reminded of Hugo when I put it on as I hope he is reminded of me when he wears his dress watch. May this be a lesson to you and a reminder of the good things in life.